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Erin Soo
19/07/2012 10:25:06
Re: Lay off- business closed down

Dear Pesara Online,

Would like to ask if the company business closed down, which department (government ) need to refer?
May give me contact?
my com will need to ask about 15 staffs to go home due to slow business.... ...

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Erin Soo
19/07/2012 10:30:12
Area of company at USj
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KL Siew
20/07/2012 14:26:57
Consult the Labour Department
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Lynn Abdullah
20/07/2012 17:05:46
My engineer mostly earning at RM3K to 5K. we want to ask them to sign an agreement for 10% paycut due to slow in business. If they dont agree, can company terminate them by giving one mth notice as per their LOA w/out any lay off benefit seems they not covered by Labour Act? pls advise urgently... tks!
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KL Siew
20/07/2012 17:29:38
If you do that I am sure you will have a court case to fight at the Industrial Relations Department and you will most likely lose. They are protected under the Industrial Relations Act. Try to explain the situation to them and have the problem settled amicably..
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