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15/07/2012 14:21:17
Re: gossip damaging morale

A short email to find out the situation.

My wife owns a restaurant. She employs a chef who she trusts but I suspect he is causing rumours about other staff stealing, sleeping together and partying with each other.

Purpose of these rumours is to preserve his position as a person who can be trusted by my wife and also to maintain his position long term in the company as well as deflect attention away from kitchen expenditure and staffing levels.

What is our position as employers regarding this matter?

My wife has transferred people based on these rumours which have turned out to be untrue.

Can the employees that have been transferred take action against the company as it was based on untrue rumours?

This rumour mill is having a negative effect on staff and income/profit level.

The chef is also causing rumours that we will close soon as we are going bust?

any guidance or links would be apprecciated

many thanks.
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k l Siew
16/07/2012 14:51:47
I think you have to discuss the problem with your wife. She employs someone she trusts but you don,t. That's the problem.
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