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04/07/2012 00:42:58
Re: 13th month bonus


I hope to ask for some help on 13th month pay.
my employment letter mentioned that i will be entitled to a 13th month pay upon completion of 12 month's full service. If i have work for part of the year i will receive pro-rata pay. The payment date is on 30 Nov of each year.

My termination notice is 2 months. If i resign on 1 Nov , am i still entitled for the 13th month pay ,either full month pay or pro-rata ?
(if i resign on 1 nov, my last date will be 31 Dec , i am still in service with the company on the 13th month payout date.)

Thank you very much.
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KL Siew
04/07/2012 15:03:53
You better get your bonus first before you put in your resignation. Employers normally will not pay bonus to those who have resigned.
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07/01/2019 10:45:09
Hi KL Siew, may I know whether the 13th month bonus, does it compulsory for employer to pay employee under Malaysia Law?
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