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02/07/2012 09:05:50

We have a Branch Manager who is not performing well and hardly hits his sales target. He is earning RM4.5k salary and RM700 fixed allowance. His senior manager has been liaising with him via email to improve but there has been no changes. Now his salary will be reduced by 10%. He said he will go to the labour office to file a complaint.
1 Is our action legal?
2 If our action is not legal, what can we do? A not performing manager will make the downline follow.
3 Can the labour office fight for him?
4 If to carry out a DI, can u recommend any HR professionals?
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KL Siew
02/07/2012 19:18:39
You can always consult your company lawyer. I can't comment much as I don't know the details.
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