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01/07/2012 12:24:53
Re: Staff resignation

We have a staff resign recently, during the notice period she was unable to open the shop on time which is suppose to be 10.30am, but turn up 12.30pm. This may cause compound from mall management. Pls advice as below:
1) can our company on hold the salary until get confirmation from the management the cost of the compound?
2) Can we deduct the compound amount directly from employee salary?

Thank you & regards.
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KL Siew
01/07/2012 13:51:04
If that was one isolated incident, I don't think it is right to do that. If his action was calculated to hurt the company, you may take disciplinary action against him first and decide what penalty to give.
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01/07/2012 18:27:45
Thank you for your reply.

unfortunately, this happen after she tender the resignation letter, so no disciplinary action can be take anymore.

Pls advice what action can the company take?

Is it legal to hold the salary for a month, to ensure everything clear?


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KL Siew
02/07/2012 08:42:38
Well, you may lose the case should the case go to the Labour Department. Why not you consult the Labour Department also?
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02/07/2012 12:24:00
Thanks for your advice.
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