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Charles Siew
08/01/2010 19:47:11
Re: Allowance as wages

Which of these are considered wages and which are not?

Attendance allowance (subject to deduction)
Night shift allowance (per day basis when working at night)
Outstation meal allowance (only during outstation)
24hours standby allowance (standby only by rotation)
Transport allowance (to get to work, subject to deduction)
Car allowance (an allowance for the sales personnel using their own car)
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KL Siew
08/01/2010 20:35:12
You don't do it like that. If you do, there will be no end to the list. "wages" is defined in Section 2 of the Employment Act as quoted below. Note the words "..means basic wages and all other payments in cash.....". But you should wish all those allowances mentioned by you are not included as wages.

"wages" means basic wages and all other payments in cash payable to an employee for work done in respect of his contract of service but does not include:

(a) the value of any house accommodation or the supply of any food, fuel, light or water or medical attendance, or of any approved amenity or approved service;

(b) any contribution paid by the employer on his own account to any pension fund, provident fund, superannuation scheme, retrenchment, termination, lay-off or retirement scheme, thrift scheme or any other fund or scheme established for the benefit or welfare of the employee;

(c ) any travelling allowance or the value of any travelling concession;

(d) any sum payable to the employee to defray special expenses entailed on him by the nature of his employment;

(e) any gratuity payable on discharge or retirement; or

(f) any annual bonus or any part of any annual bonus;
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