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21/06/2012 11:30:06
Re: Resign : 2 months notice & 25 days Replacement Leaves

I resigned, actually I can go after 1 month & 5 days. but can Boss force me to work for 2 months if I have 25 days RL?
OR I have right to go after 1 month & 5 days? tks
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KL Siew
21/06/2012 17:39:03
If your boss does not allow to take leave, he has to pay for it. Get confirmation that he will pay.
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31/08/2012 21:44:24
Hi Mr Siew,

i'm from Sarawak but working for West Malaysia company (previous company).

just want get an opinions,

Like my case, my last day on 7 March but i left on 29 Feb (- 5 days annual leave). i already applied for my balance annual leave (5days) and email my leave form to my Boss for approval after i decide to resign (8Feb). But my leave was not approve until my last day (29 Feb). After i left, i call to office ask about my leave, they said my leave wasn't approved by my previous boss. After payday, i call to my previous company ask for my salary, they just said i din't not serve 1 month notice.

in this case, they din't pay my salary for that 5 days.
my question is;
1. can i get back my salary back?
2. how many day should the leave need to be approved/rejected after submit
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