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19/06/2012 14:13:18
Re: deduct and don't want pay salaries(urgent )

1)this job begin in 12/3/12 till 6/5/12.
this company stated that ,every employee must work over 3 months only counted as permanent stuff, so that they didn't give any offer letter and confirm letter to my sister.

2)now the salaries from 1/5-6/5 was deducted(my sister was enter form 6 this 8/5/12 ) , and the commission in april is haven't pay yet (as they will pay the commission at the following months) so that ,this company also deduct her commission.

3)this company didn't mention any rules regarding how many days before resign that need to inform to supervisor, but my sister still inform early in may that she will continue her education. my sister was enter form 6 this 8/5/12 , and she was employ in this company until 6/5/12.

4)the supervisor also noted that but she don't want take any action to inform to their upward person of incharge .

5)so the salaries of
1/5-6/5/12 and commission in april is not pay .

so , any action we can do to solve problem ? tq and appreciate.
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KL Siew
19/06/2012 16:43:32
For unpaid salary, you can go to the Labour Office and make a complaint.
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