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20/04/2010 13:45:25
Re: Annual Leave taken after serving the notice of resignation

Dear sir,

Need you advise for the following matter:

I hve tender my resignation on 8th April 2010 and it serve for 2 months. My last day will be on 8th June 2010 with entitlement of 14 days of earned leaves during my working period.

Last year, i have bought 2 flights ticket with different date as i planned to go on vacations. This was planned before i've decided to resigned. i already bougtht the ticket flights and the date of my flight is on 30th April & 14th May 2010 and recently i've submit an application for annual leave for the abovedate mentioned.

Unfortunately, my head of department don't want to approve my leave although the leave has been releaved by my colleague and verified by the HR department. Although i've explained that i already planned for long time ago..he won't listen to me.. he dont' care. that what he said. His point is that "why need to ask for 2 separate days of leave when applicant is serving notice of termination of employment? isn't it feasible to take "leave" when you are not working?" This statement is what he wrote on my applicatiojn leave.

FYI, the procedure for taking the annual leave is that the application should be relief by my colleagues from same team and verified by the HR department and approved by Head of Department.

The vacation is just round the corner. What should i do now? i seek your advice on this matter.

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KL Siew
20/04/2010 21:27:32
How many days will be your vacations and how many days annual leave you still have?
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20/04/2010 21:48:57
My 1st vacation will be from 30th April to 2nd May 2010 and the 2nd vacation is on 14th to 15th May. During the serving period i still have 14days more of the annual leave. The HR already deduct my leaves for these applications which is pending on my head of dept's approval. What is my next step?
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21/04/2010 04:58:40
your superior has no right to reject your leave application without solid reason as that is your right to take your leave.
as you are serving notice of service you can report this directly to your higher management because this is your right.
well, my 2 cents opinion.
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21/04/2010 10:35:44
Thanks for your opinion.

FYI, i already highlight this matter to HR manager. She said she cannot do anything as the final calls are from the Head of Department.
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KL Siew
21/04/2010 15:29:35
Since you still have leave balance and have purchased the air tickets, show the tickets to your HR as proof. Then you will go ahead with your vacation with or without the approval of the Head of Department if you really have no other options. Let them take whatever action against you. But before you do that, I would suggest you also seek the advice of the Labour Department.
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23/04/2010 11:03:03
I already seek HR for advice. i've bring all the supporting document but they don't want to listen. the HR Manager said that this is the risk i've to bear as i'm buying the ticket first without getting my HOD's approval. Although i explained to her that i bought this ticket & hotel before i'm joining the company, they won't accept the explanation & still don't want to help me.

In the co's policy & procedure stated that if employee fails to come for 2 consecutive days and above, the company will have rights to terminate the employee. in my case, if i absent for 1 day, do the company have rights to terminate or retain my 1 month salary?

Anyway thanks for the advice.
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KL Siew
23/04/2010 16:16:38
That is the risk you have to take if you insist on going ahead with it. Be prepared for the consequences.
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