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13/06/2012 11:29:12
Re: Resignation in probation Not Accepted.

I am under probation period, having difficult time dealing with my superior.
He do not want to confirm me nor given me any letter of extend probation.
Just hang in there...
Therefore, I moved on. Had tendered my resignation letter last monday and serve 2 weeks notices as my appointment letter.

1. Asking Me to replace back the 3 days MC that I used to take In the probation periods.
2. Replace back also the leave days In Chinese new years.
3. The company did not give me acceptance of resign, they said only start calculate my 2 weeks notice after they have give me the acceptance letter.

Please Help...
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13/06/2012 12:58:49
1) No such thing as replacing back MC you took. They have to pay you for the MC days as long as MC was produced
2) No such thing as replacing back Public holiday given. Make sure they pay you salary for those days yeah!
3) They cannot NOT accept a resignation.

My advise, Serve your notice properly, wait till they release your salary payable IN FULL than leave. As long as you serve your notice properly, shouldn't be a problem
Just tell them you want to consult the labour office on the matters you mentioned, that should scare them enough!

Good Luck!
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