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12/06/2012 17:41:00

Dear sir,

Under the labour law, is the employee can get the time off from clinic?

If yes, time off is actually deducted from the annual leave or medical leave? or it's just taken without deducted any leave?

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KL Siew
13/06/2012 08:39:34
There is no provision in the Employment Act for time-off. It is entirely up to the employer how to deal with it. If there is a panel doctor appointed by the company, I think it is only reasonably to give time-off to see the doctor. However, this process can be abused by the employees and therefore the employer should device appropriate ways to deal with the time-off issue.
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18/06/2012 14:55:38
which mean that, the employer can actually direct deduct the employee's annual leave of sick leave for this what so call "time-off"?
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