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Mrs Tan
11/06/2012 12:33:27
Re: Maternity Leave

Dear KL Siew,
One of our staff come back early from her maternity leave, our company agree to pay her extra 8 days annual leave for the 8 days early back to work. And the staff also agree. (Her pay above RM2k)
After 3rd day she report to work, she was sick and inform that she was on MC. May I know is she entitled for the MC claim? Or consider the maternity leave? And company still need to pay her 8 days annual leave or 7 days annual leave?

Thank you
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KL Siew
11/06/2012 18:52:05
Under the EA, the employee is not entitled to sick leave during maternity leave. Since this employee of yours is not covered by the EA, this is up to the company to decide how to deal with it.
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