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07/06/2012 15:59:13
Re: Unpaid Leave and Public Holidays

Dear Mr. Siew

Good day.

I'm confused with this, could you please explain what is the logic behind this:
"If an employee is on Unpaid Leave, he/she is not entitled to any pay for a gazetted public"

Why is this so?

Thank you very much.

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KL Siew
07/06/2012 17:44:50
You don't have right to unpaid leave. If they ever grant you one, it is up to them to set the conditions.
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07/06/2012 18:05:16

Dear Mr Siew:

i work for 1 beauty company for 8mth, resigned on June'12 with 2 mth notice which is submited on Apr'12, now my boss purposely onhold my salary without any reason:

-Basic of may still onhold,
Sales commission of may still onhole

Basic of June included balance AL total 19 day onhold
Sales commission of June still onhold

Feb sales commission still onhold

So far as i know i can claim extra compensate from my employer right because of late pay salary,

Pls let me know what action i can take, thank you for your advice in advanced!

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KL Siew
07/06/2012 18:38:14
Go personally to the local Labour Office and make a claim for it. However, you should know how much exactly they owe you.
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