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christine lee
03/06/2012 01:25:36
Re: Resignation & public holiday


I started worked in a company without signing any offer letter in black & white. My boss did mention that our resignation is 1 week notice for under probation period. Later he change his mind & inform me that the resignation is 1 month notice verbally. accourding to him it will effctive even inform verbally without black & white. If i want to resign should i give 1 month notice or i just give will do.

Secondly, My company here is working on alternate saturday. Unfortunately, the agong birthday is a working saturday for us. But, my boss said since is a public holiday, we don't have to work. On the other hand, he did mention that we need to place back for the public holiday that falls in piblic holiday. May i know does this make sense? In labour law, did the company has the rights to inform the employees to replace the working saturday that falls into a public holiday?
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KL Siew
03/06/2012 09:12:39
If he did tell you that the notice was one month, you have to give one month notice.
There will be no replacement for Agong's Birthday. You may observe all government offices, banks etc will be open on Monday, no replacement for them also.
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