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26/05/2012 08:57:47
Re: Facing Problem

I want to resign but i having some problem here. I had attend training and i never sign any contract with my principle. She just sign contract with the HQ and told me that i need to work for her for 2 years. She never inform me this before. Is it she can sue me if I resign? I already send the resignation letter to her. I very worried about it. Please can help me.
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KL Siew
27/05/2012 14:32:56
Who is that "she" who signed contract with HQ? I don't think I understand your problem. Consult the Labour Department or the Industrial Relations Department see whether they can help.
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28/05/2012 10:04:37
If you didn't sign any contract and uninformed, they are not allowed to bond you. No one can sign a contract and bound a third party (in this case, you) to do something/refrain from doing something.

Where are you based? If you are interested to know more, e-mail me.
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