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10/05/2012 14:53:12
Re: Extend Probabtion Period

I joined this company at last year December 2011, the probation period is 6 months, should be due at end of this month.
However my employer finding excuses and catching my small mistake in the workplace, and asked me to signed on a misconduct letter, and therefore he will have the right to extend my probation period,

I was shocked because as I am doing well my job all the times,
those small mistake is etc paperwork alignment not perfect, printing margin adjustment.

If I do not want to extend my probation, does it mean that either party can
END this employment by the end of the day?
Because I do not want to serve any notices.

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KL Siew
10/05/2012 17:22:01
You have to serve notice according to the offer letter, you can go just without any notice. Anyway, hang on first until you have got another job. Meanwhile, try your best to avoid making even small mistakes.
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