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Alice Chen
10/05/2012 00:33:14
Re: Resignation Notice Period

Dear KL Siew,

I had tender my resignation. According to my offer letter, I shall give 3 months notice. However, I got offer from another company. I can only serve 2 months notice and give payment in lieu of 1 month notice. But my current employer refuse to accept and insist me to serve the 3 months notice period.

I would like to ask that if I reject to serve 3 months notice period as required by my current employer, and only serve 2 months notice and give payment in lieu of 1 month notice, is my current employer have the right to sue me, or bring me to court, or any legal action take on me?
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KL Siew
10/05/2012 08:49:42
You must serve 3 months notice first then you can pay one month indemnity for the third month.
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Alice Chen
10/05/2012 09:03:51
Dear KL Siew,

I don't get your meaning. My offer letter stated that " Notice of termination is 3 months or 3 months' pay in lieu". If I must serve 3 months notice, the why I still pay one month indemnity for the third month? I though I only pay for the notice period that I am unable to serve? I am really unable to serve for 3 months. Kindly advise. Thank you very much.
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10/05/2012 13:06:58
Hi, if the notice period is 24 hrs. The employee give the resignation letter on 9 am in the morning, telling that his last day is that day 5:30 pm. Can the Company reject it and request him to stay til the next day since it is not 24 hrs?
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Alice Chen
10/05/2012 14:19:41
Dear KL,

1) In my case i tender my resignation on 1st of May, with the 3 months notice period, so I suppose my last day is 31st of July, is that correct? Or it should be 1st of August?

2) But I have to work for my new employer on 1st of July, so I plan to serve 2 months notice period and pay payment in lieu of 1 month notice to compensate my current company for not serving the last month notice (1st - 31st July). So is my current employer have the right to insist me serve the 3 months notice period instead of 2months serving period plus 1 months compensation payment?

3)If I only serve 2months notice period plus 1 months compensation payment, am I guilty against the labour law or any other law and regulations?
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07/11/2012 11:35:29
I want to find out. If my letter of resignation is on the 1st Nov. My last day will be on the 31st Dec. giving the 2 months notive that is required.
1) If i take any leave during that period of 2 months. Will I have to serve any more days?extend my last day to January?
2)If the company decides to have a one week holiday during the 2 months. Let say maybe the last week of Dec. Will i still have to work until the 1st week of Jan to fulfill the 2 months notive?
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