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02/05/2012 10:34:19
Re: Convert 12 hours shift pattern

Need your advise on following matter. We plan to convert 12 hours shift pattern.
Our Current shift pattern :
Mon / tue / wed / thur / fri / sat / sun
8 hrs / 8 hrs /8 hrs / 8 hrs /8 hrs / 8 hrs / off Total : 48 hours (first wk)
8 hrs / 8 hrs /8 hrs / 8 hrs /8 hrs / off/ off Total : 40 hours (2nd wk)
Average/wk - 44 hours

Proposed 12 hours for production shift pattern:
12hr/12/hr/12/hr/12hr/off/off /RD Total : 48 hrs /wk

1. Can the above planning acceptable? The total working hour/week is longer

2. How do we derive in term of:
- Annual leave entitlement is it consider 1.5 day or 1 day if worker apply leave
- Replacement holiday if falls on RD, how shall we pay/replace the worker?
Should it be based on 12 hours or 8 hours
- Is the total AL entitlement becoming lessen, as they already earned 2 RD /wk.
How to compute their total AL ?
- They already work for 12 hours, can we extend their working hours for them to
claim OT
- By implementing 12 hours work, do company still need to give entitlement
such as shift allowance
- Can we use this working hours to raise the workers basic salary, in meeting
minimum wages?

Appreciate if you could advise us. Any other concern that I should factor in for management attention?

Thanks in advance
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KL Siew
02/05/2012 17:15:28
First, you have to discuss with the staff concerned about what you are going to change.
Annual leave entitlement is based on length of service, go according to the law and don't try anything else if you are not sure.
PH replacement is one day and not based on hours.
Don't try anything else if you are not sure, just follow the law.
Working hours cannot exceed 12 unless there is an emergency. You have to read up Part 12 of the EA to know more.
Up to the company to give shift allowance.
I don't understand what you are talking about meeting minimum wages.
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03/05/2012 14:19:51
1. If employee take leave, should we consider 1 day or 1.5 day since is 12 hours
shift pattern?

2, When employee is on MC on that day, should we consider 1 day or 1.5 day under 12 hours shift pattern?

I did went to Labor Office to chech, but she's not able to explain as the feedback given the MC should be by day not by hours. We are in dilema as management is more concern about cost

Regarding the min wages, the plan is to factor all allowances (meals,shift, attendance) etc to put into the basic . Is that a violation against EA
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KL Siew
03/05/2012 16:22:10
Don't confuse yourself. You go by day and not by hours. Forget the hours.
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