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Edwin Ng
27/04/2012 12:57:00
Re: Employement Act cover RM 2000

Hi all, since Employment Act is cover up to RM 2000, for those current earned RM 1500 - RM 2000, is that compulsory for the employer to let them enjoy the benefits as stated in EA such as OT claims? If yes, can the Company withdrawn any allowance that already given for those more than RM 1500? I feel confuse for this gap or employees who falls under this group.....
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KL Siew
27/04/2012 17:25:11
Any non manual employee who earns not more than RM2000 can enjoy the benefits under the EA. If the agreed amount is withdrawn, it can mean a breach of contract of service.
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17/06/2012 15:20:26
I am also confused.

A friend of mine is withdrawing a salary of RM1800 + special allowance RM500. The condition is she has to work 3 full days, 2 morning and 1 afternoon.

The 3 full days =:= 24 hours per month => she should entitle to RM311.54 OT, right?

She has not received any OT since April 2012. Because she didn't know about the amended EA, what do you suggest she should do?

Thank you.

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