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18/04/2010 04:06:21
Re: Counter Offer Effective Date

Hi KL,

I recently submit my resignation and my company decide to counter offer me. I would like to know normally for counter offer the effective date is on the day of your resignation or on the day they speak to you?

The reason asking this question is because until now i have yet to receive a black n white from my boss saying that my salary will be adjusted from xxx to yyy.

He did send me an email, unofficially letting me know that my new salary is zzz, but i believe some document should be produce during counter offer right?

I have already turn down the offer from another company and if now they decide not to keep to their words, i will be in the losing side since no black and white from them.

I work in a US MNC company and could not believe that after 2 weeks has pass till now the counter offer letter has yet to issue.

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KL Siew
18/04/2010 14:30:13
You seem to have placed yourself in a tight situation by turning the new job so quickly. I think you better pursue the matter more vigorously with your former company on that counter offer.
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