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06/04/2010 15:52:57
Re: Resign during maternity leave

I plan to resign from my company when during my maternity leave.I had sign the offer letter for the company and have to give 3 months notice after give the resignation letter.I already work with this company for 2 years.If I give the letter before 1 month of my maternity leave should I entitle for the maternity benefit?Or do I need to continue another 2 months after I'm back from maternity leave?
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KL Siew
17/04/2010 18:47:10
Discuss the problem with your company. If you want to use the two months maternity leave as the 2 months notice for termination of service, your company might want you to use the 2 months maternity allowance as indemnity in lieu of notice. Alternatively, you may come to work after the 2 months maternity leave and give 2 months notice which you have to work through. As I said, discuss with your company whether they will allow you to use the two months maternity leave as notice without having to forgo the allowance.
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