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Chen wenlee
19/04/2012 08:53:07
Re: Sales Commission

Sales person is entitled for sales commission if sales transactions make at certain % of margin.

Recently, management decided not to give sales commission for those who are tender resignation letter irrespective pass sales transaction achived certain margin.

May I know:
1 - Management has a right to impose above changes?
2 - Any employment law or Companies Law governed on sales commission?


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KL Siew
19/04/2012 13:05:02
Why not bring the matter up with the Labour Department?
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Chen Wenlee
19/04/2012 23:33:02
How to bring the above case to Labour Law?

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KL Siew
20/04/2012 08:22:35
You must know how much they exactly owe you. Meanwhile you must note that in some companies, commission is due only on collection. Don't know about your company. If you have resigned and not there to do the collection, they may not want to pay your commission.
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