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17/04/2012 22:07:55
Re: Appointment Letter

I am working at Machinery Trading Company as a post of Account cum Admin Executive.

Appointment Letter stated Job scope is keeping full set of account and administrative works.

1) It is management can request me to help other department duty?
2) Because help other department perform their duty and affect my duty unable to finish. And company decide to give me warning letter, what should I do?
3) I have work extra hours everyday, but this company didn't have attendance system

What should I do?
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KL Siew
18/04/2012 08:19:30
Yes, you are liable to work as directed apart from your job scope. This is quite a normal practice in private companies. If I were you, look for another job if I don't such working conditions. Anyway, if you are fresh in the labour market, try to gain some working experience first, suffer a little bit, that may make you more marketable.
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