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12/04/2012 17:09:35
Re: Increment Delay & No Back-dated pay

My company will normally revised the salary from 1st April (every year).

But this year, due to Mutual Separation Programme (MSS) is just completed in Mar, HR department need some time to consider the increment rate. In memo they mentioned will be revised from 01 Jul.

I would like to know, based on the industrial act, is it any discrepancy if company do not pay the backdated pay (from 01 Apr to 30 Jun) after salary is been revised ?
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KL Siew
13/04/2012 08:59:01
You have to get confirmation from your HR department. If they were to decide no backdating then I am afraid there is no law to say they must backdate.
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13/04/2012 11:16:27
Mr Siew,
Thanks for reply. If this "backdated pay" is stated in the previous Collective Agreement and all the while company also practise backdate pay if any delay of the review. There is no CA (from Apr 2011 until today). And company inform by memo, the salary adjustment is delay due to
no enough time to review the adjustment due to after MMS. So this is the HR Department problem, they can not finish the review on time.
Just would like to confirm, are there any discepancies from what are they doing as following :
(1) No CA (within the period), so employee should refer to the previous.
(2) The memo is sent out after 04 Apr (But review date should start from 01 Apr)
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KL Siew
13/04/2012 11:43:12
Since your place is unionized, you should bring the matter up with your union officials. Let them tackle the management.
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13/04/2012 12:02:51
Thanks for reply.
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