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KL Siew
05/04/2010 14:23:42
Re: Announcement

KL Siew will not be available to answer visitors' queries from today until 17 April. Will some of you be kind enough to help to do the answering in whatever ways you can during his absence? Thank you.
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14/04/2010 14:03:43
Dear KL Siew,

We observed the 10 paid Public Holidays (PH) in Malaysia and as I am in an retail organization, we compensate our employees (that are schedule to work on the PH) with double basic pay for work done on that PH day itself.

I was recently advised that in addition to paying 2x basic pay, i will have to pay 3x (1 day per normal salary in the month and add 2 more days wages for work done on that PH) since the Employment Act states the below:

Quote from EA, 1955 section 60D, 3a.
... Any Employee may be required to work on any paid holiday to which he is entitled under the said subsections and in such event he shall, in addition to the holiday pay he is entitled to for that day -
I) in the case of an employee employed on a monthly, weekly, daily, hourly or other similar rate of pay, be paid two days' wages at the ordinary rate of pay.

Kindly advise on the interpretation of the clause.

Thank you.

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