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10/04/2012 11:25:14
Re: Staff absent from work

Hi KL Siew,

I have a staff which has tender in resignation since 7 March 2012 and the last day of work will be on the 4 May 2012. Ever since, he is always late to office and he is absent from work very often; sometimes giving excuse of emergency leave or medical leave and all this notice is only given through sms. Every time that he claims the he is on medical leave, he can't provide a medical certificate to the company after he return to office the next day. He give very very short notice whenever he is not reporting to work and sometimes, never notified to the office at all.

Our working hour is Mon-Fri, 9am - 6pm, Sat, 9am - 1pm. He have a pattern in absent from work which is the beginning of the week and the end of the week. (Mondays & Saturdays). For the month March 2012, he is absent from work for 9 days. This is greatly affecting our operations and subsequently, it will cause the company to have great losses as we are a company which give services to our clients.

KL Siew, I hope that there is really something that we can do in order to protect the company from further losses.
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KL Siew
10/04/2012 15:11:44
As long as he is still in your employ, you have the right to take disciplinary actions against him for any misconduct committed during the period of notice.
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12/04/2012 18:02:42
Hi Jason

We had an EXACT same case recently. We served her 2 written warnings and a Show Cause letter which she did not bother to reply. . We were prepared to follow up with DI, suspension, etc..but we were lucky that she eventually resigned on her own last week.
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