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kathy lew
04/04/2012 09:03:54
Re: info advice

Good Morning KL are you?

Need your advice

This is one of our company Progressive Discipline System
1.Explanation letter
An explanation letter will be issued to employee asking him/her to explain the reason for breach of action.

(info and letter will be file in Human Resources for employment records)

Employee Failure is (in Employee Hand Book) mentioning :

Switching work schedules, failing to work on a scheduled shift or arranging your own replacement without permission from your supervisor.

Situation is :
employee work shift is start at 15.00
how ever employee call to Supervisor at 14.20 informing that he/she
unable to come on time because he/she taking her family member to hospital. And then employee came only at 16.00.

Question :
is it all right for me as a employer to issue for explanation letter mentioning
that he/she supposed to call earlier since he/she knew unable to come on time?
or is there any other suggesstion ?

need your advice
and thank you for your kind attention
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KL Siew
04/04/2012 10:18:04
It would be better to be strict about punctuality and don't let workers come late or take emergency leave with all sorts of reasons and excuses. If you allow one to do that others may follow and the situation can quickly go out of control. Giving calls earlier is not good either.
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kathy lew
04/04/2012 15:16:26
thank you...
for your advice...
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