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03/04/2012 15:56:53
Re: How to calculate salary before leave?

How if my staff want to use her annual leave to resign, e.g.: she send her resign letter on 02.04.2012 and want to resign on 30.04.2012.

My company give 14day annual leave to all, means jan -april she has 4.66day rigth? As 4months/12months x 14days= 4.66days, so the 4.66 days become 4.4 days?

And If she work until 25 april half day, her salary should deduct the 5 days annual leave or company shall pay her full salary because she use annual leave to replace resignation notice?

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03/04/2012 15:57:33
Sorry the second sentence should be 4.5 days**
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KL Siew
03/04/2012 16:08:02
Let her clear the leave balance and pay full salary.
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04/04/2012 18:10:01
Enquiry of offset annual leave

Does a company oblige to pay to the resignee any offset of annual leave?

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