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29/03/2012 20:31:11
Re: uniform charges

have anyone encountered that need to pay for uniform. if u resign within 6 months u need to pay for unknown uniform price. company will deducted ur salary any amount they want because no stated price on letter.
1st- we need to pay deposit for uniform
2nd- we need to sign for unknown uniform price

is it under labour law we must sign the letter? if we dont what we should do by giving what reason?
pls advice me. thank you
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KL Siew
30/03/2012 11:01:35
Such a practice may also apply to all other uniformed employees. If there is no problem with other employees, I think you may as well just follow. Consult the Labour Office and another opinion.
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31/03/2012 00:16:42
ya i have sign today after ask a few question. just like u said majority ok hav to follow. he said we should ask term and condition before they launch uniform but they dont tell us anything. the policy out we only have 3days to consider. if we resign we need one month notice. means we got no choice but to stay in company forever unles we pay for uniform becos new uniform come in again and again later. we are bound to the policy
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