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25/03/2012 11:10:51
Re: 紧急关于Sick Leave -Accident ,求救!




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26/03/2012 14:33:35
Employee is eligble for sick leave & hospitalization leave.
Sick leave is equivalent to medical leave while hospitalization leave is diff from sick leave. Hospitalization leave is the said employee admitted to hospital.

If the concerned employee utilized all the sick leave and/or hospitalization leave, the employer don't need to pay for the leave/
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26/03/2012 18:10:15
Eve is correct, medical leave and hospitalisation is not same. Last time when I handling this kind of case, All we report to SOCSO. all the mc and hospitalisation we claim from SOCSO. When we pay for the salary, we just calculate as unpaid leave as the mc and hospitalisation will pay by SOCSO later.

Depend on the your staff got buy insurance or not. Company got contribute any group insurance other than SOCSO? If just got SOCSO, we may help the staff to claim. Regarding the medical fee, our company prepare a RM 300.00 for all medical claim within a year. We just deduct from it, the balance need to pay by the staff also. Maybe by montly basis. But since our staff is service quite long at my company, so my boss pay his medical bills.
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27/03/2012 14:26:19
Dear Eve and Aries,

The doctor issued 30 days sick leave as per requested by my staff.
However i had asked the doctor, he said my staff actually is not ill enough for hospitalized.

Does it mean we not need to pay her for her sickl eave period right? because SOCSO will pay her that 35days sick leave.

Thanks for advise.
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30/03/2012 16:21:38
I fractured my hand and leg and unable to work 1st Jan 2012. Doctor gave two days government MC and report that I can't work and having severe injury. i had to go to office and hand over the mc and letter but the manager just rejected and mc and forced me to work. She even use vulgar words. No EPF deducted from my salary, no pay slip, and we received offer letter 1 month later after i joined. can i complain to labor court ?
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07/05/2012 09:53:27
I fractured my leg and dr gave me 3 weeks mc then another 3 weeks mc as still not able to walk. Dr say i do not need to be hospitalised but i am not fit to work as i am working as a sales executive. So these 6weeks of mc is consider as part of hospitalisation? or the normal MC? Can my employer deduct my salary?
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02/12/2017 15:16:42
I have a employee just join company 45day then he attendant hospital operation, hospital give leave 42 day, want to know that need to paid he hospital leave?? pleases advise.

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