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24/03/2012 14:42:08
Re: Pay delayed as employee resigned

Good day, i have a friend that submitted his resignation notice in 1 month ahead before he decided to quit his job with the employer. And the pay of the month of february has not been banked in untill this day, and they employer/payroll and hr dept says that there were some details of his bank information that was wrong, but all these while his pay was coming in the same account,. nothing changed but after he tendered his resignation, now they say that they account information is wrong and delaying his pay.

Is there any legal way to make the employer to hasten this process?

Thank You
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24/03/2012 14:45:41
also please advise on subarticle, case study,section of this rectification of issue, if possible as i want to email to employer and make them know that this issue is not to be taken lightly and i would complain to necessary dept if they still delay this
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KL Siew
24/03/2012 21:24:52
What your should do is to go to the Labour Department to make a complaint there.
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