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22/03/2012 21:10:12
Re: Calculation of Salary

I intend to recruit a worker. Her salary is at RM1200 per month. If she is starting work on 23/3/2012, how do I calculate March salary? And how do I calculate her EPF and Sosco? Thanks
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23/03/2012 14:26:08
IMHO,prorate all the amount...
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23/03/2012 17:19:36
Hi Ariff,
Yes I know I need to pro-rate but I am not sure the formula. Would you mind to share? Thanks
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23/03/2012 18:02:52
23~31.03.2012 = 9 days = RM 1200/31*9 = 348.39
Got any other allowance? If yeas add in and get a total then refer to the conribution table from EPF and SOCSO.

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apple lee
23/04/2012 17:55:57
我在这公司里做3年,可是之前公司没给我 APPOINTMENT LETTER , CONFIRM LETTER, 那么我要怎么知道自己有多少年假,病假 , 可是我的老板有一部份好像要跟law 走, 有一部份又不跟噢 ? 我要怎样叻?
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