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22/03/2012 15:49:09
Re: No JD Given, Terminated Coz Regarded as Not Worth to the Co.

I was not given a JD when I've started working..Later on after 6 month I was not confirmed by the co. on the basis of not worth to the co. Is this reason valid to be the basis of the extension of probation? And again, I still did not received any JD for this 2nd probationary term...Even in the job advert which I still kept did not mention any JD & interview conducted to me before I joined did not mentioned so much on the JD yet it is just a mere chat....

Please advice me...
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kl siew
22/03/2012 20:03:22
I think it is better try to finf a way out, start looking for another job, don't you think so?
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