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21/03/2012 12:30:44
Re: new small business payroll/HR queries

i'm new employer for small firm, i would like to enquire, is it we need to register at EPF, Socso and LHDN as employer 1st?

i'd been searching details at google but mostly regarding payroll software or non-malaysia info. can u guide me on this?

since i'm a small firm, mainly will only have about 10 staff max temporary (unless expand), do i need a payroll software or just go for manual calculation using excel?

please advice, really blur and new to it..

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21/03/2012 17:18:10
I just share my experience.
I heard my epmloyer said before, when you got employee and the daily pay is > RM 10.00, you should pay EPF.

So when we establish a firm, sure to be register first, otherwise how EPF give you majikan no. and post you the borang caruman, same as SOCSO. For income-tax, I think yes, becaused you are business ppl, when doing business sure got SSM registration form and income tax register no. also. They will post you borang E every year for employee earning detail, and your company account need to submit your annual report to income tax office also. I'm not sure will you appoint an accountant to incharge your account or not. But I know, you should submit.

You may call to EPF, SOCSO & LHDN for more detail. I think all you should register.

Last time my company also using excel to calculate the salary, as long as pay not against to labor law, is okay.
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27/03/2012 10:16:04
thanks so much..^^
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