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20/03/2012 16:22:56
Re: Resume to work after Maternity Leave

Maternity leave to be start once confinement irrespective of the day. How about resume work from maternity leave?

My staff's maternity leave is until 30.03.2012. She should start of work on 31.03.2012, but it was saturday ( is our office off day )

So I asked her to report herself on 02.04.2012, and salary have to pay for 31.03.2012 & 01.04.2012 ( Saturday & Sunday )

Mr Siew, Please advise. Thank you.
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KL Siew
20/03/2012 17:21:29
She is your monthly paid employee. just like any other monthly paid staff. If other staff get paid on rest days on Saturdays and Sundays, she should also be paid. This has nothing to do with her maternity leave.
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21/03/2012 08:50:07
Thank you.
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