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Alice F.
19/03/2012 22:14:26
Re: Public Holiday

In the recent public holiday ie Thaipusam, I was asked to come to the office for some works matters. I was working for more than 3 hours. For my function level, I was not allowed to claim inconvenience claim. And my application for replacement leave was rejected as I was supposed to work for more than 6 hours in order for me to get a day replacement leave. In the company policies, it has stated that, the total working hour in the non working day shall be 6 hours or more. However, it didn't define the meaning of non-working day, whether it is Saturday and Sunday or also includes Public holidays. The issue here was, it the work that need and urgently need to be done during a public holiday by the employer's instruction only takes 3 hours, it is not fair for us, if we are not entitled for a replacement leave or not getting any inconvenience fund. To make matter worst, I am a single mother, with 2 kids. I have to leave my kids at some place and have to sacrify my public holiday even though for 3 hours (not including travelling hours to and fro to the office). It is not fair for me and I have wasted my time which I rather spend my 3 to 4 hours with my kids.

What should I do or what am I entitled to get?
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KL Siew
20/03/2012 10:36:44
At your function level, I think you are not covered by the Employment Act as your salary will surely be more than RM1500. If you are not covered by the EA, the Labour Department may not be able to help you. As such the company policy may be valid and staff may have to sacrifice a bit every now and then especially for more senior staff. I think it is more advisable just to let the matter rest.
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