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19/03/2012 17:27:49
Re: suspension without domestic inquiry

Can the company suspend (half/full pay) the worker as the punishment without holding the domestic inquiry? The company did not satisfied with the reply for show cause letter, and the worker already suspended from work when the show cause letter was issued to him due to serious offence, and the company decided to give him the warning letter and the half pay suspension (14 days from the date of show cause letter was issued) as the punishment. is it anything wrong here?
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KL Siew
19/03/2012 21:11:41
The procedure may not be correct. What you can do is to make a complaint at the Labour Department.
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19/03/2012 21:49:57
what is the correct procedure? according to employment act s14, the worker can be suspended up to 14 days wit half day pending due inquiry, what if the worker admit the wrongdoing in the reply of showcause letter? Can the company still pursue for the punishment as in suspension (not more than 14 days unpaid) and with warning letter?
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KL Siew
20/03/2012 09:24:42
You asked "Can the company suspend (half/full pay) the worker as the punishment without holding the domestic inquiry?" That (without holding the domestic inquiry) may not be the correct procedure. Section 14 has the words " ...after due inquiry...". Only after that, you may mete out the punishments mentioned therein. Anyway, consult the local Labour Office and get some official advice on the correct procedure.
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09/06/2012 09:02:59
After due inquiry is there any specific time period that employer must let the employee know the outcome of the inquiry ?.
Is there any specific law mentioned about duration of suspension (after domestic inquiry) pending the result or verdict from Domestic Inquiry ?
How long the employer is allow to "drag" the verdict after inquiry ?
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09/06/2012 12:41:22
Can I sue my General Manager and HR Director for defamation as the charged they officially made against me were found to be not true. Their action has damaged my good reputation not only within my work place but also among outsiders.
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