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17/03/2012 17:19:41
Re: how many days of medical leave ?

actually i have find from net,but all is d ifferent answer.
can i know how many medical leave actually?
can i know how many annual leave for staff if start working from 1/10/2010 unitill
pls must help me,i have try search from net,but all diffrent..

tq very much ..
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KL Siew
17/03/2012 17:39:57
Refer to Part 12 of the Employment Act under Sick Leave and Annual leave. If you find it difficult to understand, consult the local Labour Office.
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20/03/2012 16:14:38
refer to the labor book did mentioned.
First joined and less than 2 years - 14 days
More than 2 but less than 5 years - 18 days
More than 5 years - 22 days

For the annual leave, I will calculate as
01.10.10 to 30.09.11 - 1 year - 8 days
01.10.11 to 01.04.12 - 6 mths - 4 days
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