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12/03/2012 14:40:34
Re: Tax Deduction

Hello all HR expertise. Can someone teach me how to calculate tax deduction that we usually saw in payslip? According to my friend, just refer to the table provided by LHDN, but the amount of tax is not same with what stated in the table. Is there any formula??? I just graduated, would very appreciate if soemone can advice me in LHDN side as I not register yet. Seem there is tax deduction every month from my salary, is that I need to register to LHDN?? What is the link between tax deduction and registration of LHDN. Thanks
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KL Siew
12/03/2012 19:15:47
The surest way to find out is to go personally .to the LHDN and speak with some of the officers there.
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