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12/03/2012 02:44:43
Re: manager being rude

would jz like to enquire. if a manager scolds in an inappropriate way to her employees due to bad sales in the company, such as ''you all eat rice or shit'' or ''if you have balls you wont resign'' and when a particular employee resigns due to not being able to handle all this, she post up things such as referring to the employee as a ''paria dog'' on facebook, is there anythng that can be done??is it considered offensive under the labour law?? also, she post things on a fellow employee's facebook wall saying things about the resigned employee's past job and claiming he lied bout things and accusing him and stating such people can't work anywhere for long.

i would think that it is very unprofessional and immature for a manager to do such a thing on an employees online wall,causing him difficulty between his manager n ex-workmate and blackening a person's name without proper proof. However, i do not know if it is offensive under the Labour Law. please do enlighten me.
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12/03/2012 03:09:39
just for the extra info, the above mentioned employee who resigned is a staff under probation, if he was still working, his confirmation would be in may i think (6mths probation). As a friend, am jz curious if such treatment of a manager is right and just to her employee?
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KL Siew
12/03/2012 09:33:46
Of course it is offensive in every sense. The right thing for the employee to do is leave. He has done the right thing by resigning. Have better luck elsewhere. Really not worth pursuing the matter further. Should such rude utterances happen again, you and all others can bring the matter up with the MD or other senior management staff.
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