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09/03/2012 20:41:25
Re: Forced from being a permanent staff to be a freelancer

Hi there

There are a few questions that I need to check as these incidents have just happened few days ago.

1) Does a company have the right to change a staff's employment from a permanent employee to be a freelancer with the company?

2) Besides a base salary, I also have a day rate if I am sent for a project. The day rate is written in my employment letter.
Recently, the company said that if I am sent for an " easier" project, the day rate will be less as the client cannot afford to pay my day rate. The cut is more than half of my current day rate. Is this allowed?

So, basically, after a good ten years of service with the company and having no increment for the past 3 years, in 3 days, the company has notified me and my other colleagues who are in the same team that we will no longer be employed as staff and our day rates are being deduced.
This definitely does not seem right to me.

Hope that you can advise me on what my right is.

Thank you.

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KL Siew
10/03/2012 09:11:37
I would suggest you pay a visit to the Industrial Relations Department and get advice whether you could make a claim for reinstatement to your former position.
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10/03/2012 14:40:32
Thank you, Mr. Siew.
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29/03/2012 15:51:31
Hi Mr. Siew

I have spoken to IR Department and they mentioned that we can't bring this in as a case until the company gives us a termination letter. I am offshore now and the company has given me a contract on the salary pay cut. Do I have the right not to sign?

I have also learnt that those who are in the office have just been forced to tender their resignation. Actually, the company has just merged with two other companies and now they are letting go of our team. Isn't that retrenchment or lay-off? If so, then the company should terminate and compensate us accordingly, not force us to resign.

Please advice where else or who we can bring this matter to.
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