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Chiow CK
09/03/2012 14:58:55
Re: Pay Day

My company has a problem with salary paying system.
Things has been happening for past few years.
When we get our salary it should include Basic + Allow + OT and then calculations for EPF deduction should be according to it.
They always mistakenly count the Overtime hours and it effects the EPF deduction. After we complain, they pay us the Overtime money cash by counting the overtime hours only.
What about the EPF losses that we go through during the mis calculations?
We have complained about this mis calculations and all they can only say is Sorry.
For years they have been doing this and it doesnt happen to the same person every month. its like a pattern, from one person to another. Every month one or two people would have been effected by this. We employees dont make things like this big fuss because, for an individual its like once or twice a year. Call this a Human or Computer error? But in the long run we do loose our EPF money. As a professional, What would be your advice on this?
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KL Siew
09/03/2012 16:01:05
It is not necessary to pay EPF for overtime wages. The EPF website says so.

Sometimes, it is difficult to pay overtime together with salary as it needs time to check through the overtime records especially when there are lots of overtime. Try to work something out with HR in order to avoid mistakes.

Consult EPF so that you will have a better understanding of the issue.
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Chiow CK
09/03/2012 16:05:59
Great people has wonderful views.

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