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01/03/2012 09:45:10
Re: Two full time employment for one employee

May I know an employee is allow to hold 2 full time of employment with 2 different companies in the same time? It is against law?

Then this employee is it belong to which company? Is it base on the employee receive which company of salary slip?
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KL Siew
01/03/2012 11:03:55
I presume the two companies are occupying the same office and that employee is handling the jobs of both companies. If the companies have no problems with the arrangement and the employee has no problem working like that, then I don't see anything wrong. Each company will have to pay his salary separately, issue payslips separately, contribute to EPF, SOCSO separately and so on.
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01/03/2012 16:56:27
Thank you. I got it ^^
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