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28/02/2012 10:10:54
Re: 11/04/2012 - Compulsory Public Holidays?

Hi ...............Can I confirm that 11/04/2012 -will be a Compulsory Public Holidays?
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KL Siew
28/02/2012 13:23:39
Confirm it with the Labour Department. Give your feedback if you don't mind.
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16/03/2012 16:18:12
may I know 11/04/2012 is compulsory of public holiday? and is what public holiday?
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Cerfiny Tan
17/03/2012 10:43:17
This is my feedback after call to labour office - Putrajaya

The officer said that is a compulsory Public Holiday. So, all company must follow it. If company ask worker work on that day, so employer must paid the employee same as public holiday. If not, employer must replace another day and consider that day is a Replacement Public Holiday.

That is my feedback get from labour office.
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