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26/02/2012 22:01:52
Re: what are my rights and possible cause of action???

I have worked for this company for more than 10 years as an executive officer.

~my last increment was 5 years ago
~no bonuses
~no reimbursement of expenses incurred for company
~working on independent day

Then, recently company had employed a New Branch Manager who is of NO EXPERIENCE at all....!!

I feel like,,im the one who should be in that position since i have worked so much for the company for a long time.

What should i do???
What are my rights and what are the possible option do i have????

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KL Siew
27/02/2012 09:28:50
Well, you feel like you should be the one but did you sound out to the management when they were looking for a branch manager. If you had and yet they did not take you in, they might be thinking you were more suited in your present position. However, one must bear in mind that management has the right to employ whosoever in the best interest of the company. I think the best option now is to continue to do your best in the present position and give your full cooperation and guidance to the new inexperienced manager. This will go a long way to fostering a happy working relationship.
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