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28/03/2010 21:21:30
Re: Contract

Hi.. I am under contract for 1 year with this company and been working with them for 4 months now. I have been on MC for the past week due to sick and the company is not happy bout it.

Can the company terminate me for being on regular MC's?? If i am terminated, will they need to pay me my March salary?? I was informed by a colleague that they are in the midst of replacing me.

I have all the mc's with me and they are considering of letting me go as i am regular on MC's.

So confused.
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KL Siew
29/03/2010 09:52:11
First, don't listen too much to what your colleagues say. If the company wants to terminate your service, let them do so. After that, you have your right to complain to the Industrial Relations Department. Meanwhile just do your job as usual and give your best.
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