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25/02/2012 00:32:19
Re: working hours

I am working from 7am and standby until 12am for 5 days. My company said that I have to work in that duration of time because they dont have enough staff. Now, it is 3 months already. As a worker, I am so tired during working, and I think that I dont have social life at all. I am suffering. I want to change job, but nowadays it is so difficult to get job. Can I report to the labour office or should I discuss again with my boss?
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KL Siew
25/02/2012 14:05:56
You mean you have to work from 7am until 12.00 mid-night? If so, they have to pay you overtime wages. Yes, if you find it difficult to work like that, discuss with your boss first. If thing is not getting better then complain to the Labour Office.
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25/02/2012 20:49:26
Follow Mr Siew's advice but do not leave your job until you get your a new job. That is your trump card. If you go for an interview, the employer will want to know your last salary and he may base on it to make an offer. If you say you are unemployed, the discretion is his and with world recession, employer would want to employ on the lowest salary possible.
Good luck on your negotiation and look foward to hearing from you
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18/05/2012 15:35:29
Just want to check on working hours (which affect OT). For our Offshore base technician who are deployed at customers' place (oil platform) - they worked at offshore for 2 weeks and then we compensate for 2 weeks off. ie. they work only 2 weeks in a month but they need to observe to customer requirement there - on standby if beyond working hours and they cannot claim OT

Their basic salary > RM 2000 a month and they are also compensated with fixed Offshore allowance of RM 1500 per month. In my opinion, they still fall under the Act because of their job nature who does monitoring/lab test/sampling/verify the pumps and injection points - considered manual work.

Does labour law gives any exception for not allowing OT? this is because of the nature of the work/industry is as such and furthermore they have been compensated with offshore allowance.

Appreciate your response
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