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26/03/2010 22:09:05
Re: advice please...

Dear sir,
i have tendered my resignation to my company on 8th march, i was required to give either 2 months notification or 1 month salary in lieu of notice. But due to some uncontrol circumstances i only gave 3 weeks notification, which means i will be leaving on 31st of march and both parties (company and me) has agreed that 31st march will be my last day. But, the company insists that i need to give 1 month notification + 1 month salary in lieu thereof ( my last working should be on 7th of april and i need to work without salary for the month of march). I am wondering how about my pay for 1st - 7th of march?? is it burned?
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KL Siew
26/03/2010 22:25:49
I am not so sure whether the words ".. required to give either 2 months notification or 1 month salary in lieu of notice" are correct. Since two months notice is required, your last day should be 7 May as you gave your resignation on 8 march. As you have given only 3 weeks notice to work until 31 March, there is a short notice of one month and 7 days. As such, you have to compensate the company salary equivalent to one month and 7 days.
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26/03/2010 22:39:28
i see... but according to appointment letter, it is either 2 months of notification OR 1 month salary in lieu thereof. Why is that i hav to give extra 7 days of salary??
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KL Siew
27/03/2010 10:05:29
Since it is "..or 1 month salary in lieu...", you may be right. Consult the Labour Department if the matter cannot be settled by the parties.
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