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20/02/2012 15:06:18
Re: Prolonged Illness

I would like to seek some advise. If I have a staff who is suffering from Lupus last year. As a consequnce, she has to go for a hip replacement this year. This hip replacement will take at least 9 weeks to recover. Then she will be going for another 9 weeks after her 2nd hip replacement.
My question is when does the 1st three months on full start?
If she comes back to work after the 1st three months, then after 3 months (of working) she then go through another hip replacement. She will be away again for 9 more weeks. So does this 9 weeks be part of the 3 months of half pay or 3 months of full pay?
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KL Siew
21/02/2012 10:27:02
If your company has a clear medical benefits policy, go accordingly. If none, the company still can provide whatever financial assistance to him based on the merits of the case . Otherwise the company may have to go according to the Employment Act if that staff is covered by the Act.
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