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sk tan
17/02/2012 21:37:40
Re: compensation

my sis sign a 2yrs contract with her employer. if she wan to terminate now (1yrs after the contract sign), her boss said wan to paid 5000 as compensation which noted in the agrement. i oledi ask labour dept n belong the agreement, they said jus paid them not more then 2 mths salary. so now she oledi resign n her boss wan she paid 5000.
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KL Siew
18/02/2012 09:19:12
Then you may just follow the advice of the Labour Office.
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22/02/2012 12:52:14
labour said 24hrs notice should paid 2mths compensation, if 2mths notice no need. but the employer still wan my sis paid 5k. can she jus paid 2mths compenstion n replace a 24hrs notice?
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25/02/2012 07:09:28
If the employer wanted you to sign a 2 year contract with the option that if resign after 1 year, you had to pay RM 5000. What was the compensation for you if he terminates you after 1 year? Will he then he pay you RM 5000?
So beware when you sign a employment contract. Always what the offer letter say before deciding to sign the contract. I would say most of the time the employer always safeguards himself.
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